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New Site and More

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New Look

New Site

Simple Thought Productions is proud to introduce their new website. The new theme keeps with the styling of the older one but with a more modern feel as well as enhancements such as the featured articles/video scroller that is at the top of the home page. It was designed by Elegant Themes

New Delivery Method

Also new to the line up is our delivery method. We have utilized lighttpd as our web server, powered by Layered Tech, for nearly a year now. Along with lighttpd we utilized the streaming h264 module for our on demand content which is what a majority of this site/server hosts. On short form videos (15 minutes or less) This solution provided a near identical experience to a true streaming setup for our viewers. Some of our longer videos however had a small lag before beginning while the server prepared the file on the fly. To remedy this Simple Thought Productions has deployed a true RTMP Streaming server Powered by Wowza Streaming Media Server. This server provides instant video streaming as well as additional benifits such as better bandwidth management, stream secuirty, and the ability to do live broadcasts which was not possible with Lighttpd.

Moving Forward

Simple Thought Productions looks forward to meeting your needs in the world of online media. Please contact us for any of your media needs.

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