Not only can Simple Thought Productions can deliver your content digitally but we can also create Blu-Ray disks and DVDs for traditional means of distribution and archiving. Each disk is is printed directly via a High Quality Inkjet printer. The water resistant disks will prevent any smudging or running of the ink. You will never have to worry about a label peeling off down the road.



Blu-Ray disks allow you to keep the best quality of your HD video using H264 Audio and Dolby Digital Audio. 1080P video will look crisp on the big screen. Motion menus will add to the impact of your finished product. Exclusive to Blu-Ray Pop-Up menus during playback can allow faster navigation while video is currently being viewed.



DVDs are still the most widely accepted disk format. We will take your HD content and scale it down while maintaining the highest possible quality. This will ensure the best possible SD picture for your project. Menus can be designed to order including motion backgrounds.