STPENC is a free, for non-commercial, open source application that allows you to utilize FFMPEG and x264 to encode video files to h264 mp4 and NTSC DVD standard mpeg2 files and upload them if needed. It is written in Python and is distributed using Py2EXE.

H.264 Encoding

H.264 has been optimized and utilizes the x264 project for cutting edge encoding quality. The default settings produce a 608*342 resolution file at 896kbit for the video and AAC 128Kbit for Audio. These settings produce what we consider to be a great quality for web site usage and progressive download. Multi-Core CPUs are not wasted on this format as they are fully utilized in the encoding step.

MPEG2 for NTSC-DVD Encoding

MPEG2 files are encoded utilizing the FFMPEG MPEG2 encoder. These files are encoded at the highest bitrate possible while maintaining a file size of 4GB. This allows it to fit on a 4.3GB disk while allowing room for other content on the DVD. The setting can easily be changed to fully utilize the disk. Audio is encoded in MPEG Audio at a Constant bitrate of 256Kbits.

Uploading Features

Often you need to move files around once they are encoded. To assist with this STPENC allows you to upload files to various servers utilizing FTP, FTP w/ SSL, and SFTP. On top of this it has a powerful filter system that allows files to either be uploaded to the root directory, a singular directory inside of the root, or a directory based on file name. This feature means video producers can have multiple files upload to proper locations once the encoding is done based on file name and no longer have to do it by hand.

Commercial License

If you would like to use STPENC in a commercial capacity (If you make money from the videos or site it would be commercial) you can purchase a single use license for $15.


FFMPEG was chosen because it is one of the best open source encoders. It is an actively developed product that strives to maintain the quality of its code base as well as develop new innovative features.

Why x264?

x264 is one of the leading compression formats currently. It has been adopted by Adobe for use in their Flash player which is one of the most widely used for online video. Selecting this format was an easy choice.