Streaming Services

Simple Thought Productions offers a full range of streaming services. We can provide live and on demand streaming for you or your company. We offer streaming via Flash RTMP. Our Dedicated Servers are on Gigabit network connections to provide your media as soon as it is requested. For large global requests we can help utilize one of the many world wide CDNs (Content Delivery Network) that we have a partnership with to make sure that your media is available without delay.


Live Services includes the production and streaming of video and audio out to the world that has only a few seconds of delay before reaching the audience. If you would like to arrange for a live demonstration please contact us to setup a date and time to do so. We provide the laptop and know-how, you provide the feed and internet connection. If you need us to also provide and operate the cameras we can do that too. If you want us to simply manage your streaming enviroment while you take care of the production we can do that at a much reduced rate. Please contact us for more details


  • Per Event Setup: $100
  • Cost Per GB Transfered: $1
  • Unlimited Concurrent Connections
  • Requires 1/2 Mbit connection to the internet

On Demand:

On Demand streaming allows your audience to watch your media whenever they want on their time. They receive the same streaming experience that the live service provides but it also allows them to watch any point in the media without having to download all of the media before it plays. This saves the audience time and saves your money on bandwidth. The demo on the left will allow you to experience our service first hand. Playback will begin a few seconds after your initial click and you are then free to move around the video.

Plan: Starter Intermediate Advanced
Per Month: $25 $50 $75
Storage: 5GB 10GB 15GB
Bandwidth: 100GB 200GB 300GB
Extra: $1 per GB $1 per GB $1 per GB



Your content is yours so it should not look like it belongs to us. When you utilize our service it is branded as your own. There are no watermarks pointing back to us that stay above your video. While we do not use advertising to help offset the cost of operation we can however offer it to allow you to make money if you so desire.

Simple Stats

Included with live and on demand packages is the inclusion of Simple Stats (when using the JW FLV Player) that will allow you to track your viewing audience to better gauge the performance of your media. Using this software you will be able to tell which parts of a single media file are the most popular and which parts tend to make your audience leave. Simple Stats includes Individual viewer habits, popularity maps, average time watched, average time spent buffering, flash video versions and more.

Wowza Media Server


We utilize Wowza Media Server for our On Demand content. This allows us to add additional security for your media such as Secure Token and URL Authorization to help reduce un-authorized downloading of your content. Wowza also allows us to create custom applications written in java for you to utilize with your media content for a more interactive experience.