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Spare Change

Spare Change

By on Mar 8, 2008 in Simple Shorts | 2 comments


  • Honorable Mention DVC#12

This short was done for DV Challenge #12. The theme this time around was “Change”. As soon as this announcement was made I knew I wanted to do a video based on the Graffiti art by “Banksy.” This is by far the shortest “short” I have done as it is only 54 seconds. Enjoy.

The Work

The Art Work

This is the Graffiti that inspired this short film. While tracking down the creators of such work is hard it is often attributed to a artist that goes by the name of Banksy. Others have claimed it belongs to another. If you have any info on the work please leave a comment or use the contact page. Thanks!


  • Jenny Pettman


  • Josh Chesarek


  • Canon XH-A1
  • Bogen 501 Tripod


  1. This is definitely Banksy. I follow him religiously, this is his style.


    August 12, 2010

  2. Very simple with a strong statement. Keep it up!


    March 8, 2008

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