• Best Drama Rollins College Campus Movie Fest 2009
  • AT&T CV Award – “Being Me” Showcased on AT&T’s Mobile Video platform
  • Nominated – Golden Tripod for Best Editing

Campus MovieFest has rolled in again and this time we thought we would try our hand at something more serious than our typical entries (Amor Paterno, Betwixt the Land of Wynken and Nod) We wanted to try our hand in documentaries and we had two subjects who were willing to share their stories. Thank you Keith and Joanna.

This year we took home Best Drama. We were also selected to be put onto the AT&T Mobile video network. If you have an AT&T phone that can play video you will be able to find Being Me on their Media Network soon!


“Beyond any amount of control, people can incur a chronic physical condition during crucial developmental periods of their lives. The immediate impact of such conditions drastically affects the appearances and abilities of these individuals. Additionally, and oftentimes less obvious, these individuals experience difficulty with self-esteem, confidence, relationships, families and friends, social status, spirituality, and life in general as they are forced to adjust to a life that was neither planned for or expected. A chronic condition encompasses a vast array of illnesses, physical and mental, as well as disfigurements resulting from accidents or violence. This is a documentary about a man and a woman, Keith and Joanna, who developed very different physical illnesses but who share the challenge of integrating the chronic physical illness into their everyday lives. They disclose their experiences with life’s curve balls and offer advice to those living with a chronic physical condition as well as to those without.”


  • Keith Sims
  • Joanna Chesarek


  • Jennifer Pettman
  • Joshua Chesarek

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