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Score: 4 – 3
Scoring Summary

Scoring Summary:

1. 8:00 RCW Jacquelyn Parsons (1) Danielle Martin through ball to breakaway
2. 24:44 UAHW Abby Jones Brittany Walker diagonal through pass to right
3. 28:09 RCW Lindsay Giblin Penalty kick
4. 53:32 UAHW Ina Wam Bjorklid Erin Noser; Abby Jones two long passes connect for breakaway goal
5. 69:58 RCW Jacquelyn Parsons (2) Jeri Ostuw through goalie’s legs
6. 78:33 UAHW Ina Wam Bjorklid (unassisted) free kick put into box, loose ball collected
7. 95:00 RCW Lindsay Giblin (6) (unassisted) Giblin dribbles through defenders to open shot