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Score: 7 – 0
Scoring Summary

1. 0:16 RCW Lindsay Giblin (12) Maia Ryan Ryan’s through ball from right to left, Giblin open at top of box
2. 12:31 RCW Lindsay Giblin (13) Melissa Saint James beats two defenders after pass from Saint James
3. 18:38 RCW Melissa Saint James (4) Maia Ryan; Carissa Cartas through ball to Ryan on right, cross to Saint James in middle
4. 22:46 RCW Lindsay Giblin (14) (unassisted) collects loose ball in box, Giblin gets through defenders and scores
5. 48:39 RCW Jeri Ostuw (5) (unassisted) intercepted pass by defender at top of penalty area
6. 62:45 RCW Jeri Ostuw (5) (unassisted) corner kick deflected back to Ostuw, puts it in with left from 30 yd
7. 77:22 RCW Melissa Saint James (5) Maia Ryan Ryan’s long ball over everyone, Saint James catches up and scores