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Score: 4 – 1
1. 6:50 ERAU Elina Johansson (11) Valerie Rogers free kick from right side, head off left post
and into goal
2. 25:21 RCW Lindsay Giblin (5) Meagan Thomas; Jessica Deese corner by Deese, flicked on by Thomas, headed
in by Giblin
3. 25:56 RCW Jessica Deese (2) Julie Gatt long shot from Gatt blocked by keeper,
rebounded by Deese
4. 63:54 RCW Jessica Mooney (2) Lindsay Giblin counter from Embry-Riddle corner, Giblin
finds Mooney on right side
5. 74:52 RCW Lindsay Giblin (6) Joy Powell pass to center of field, dribble to center
and shot inside right post