Simple Stats is a script created for JW FLV Player. It utilizes a modified stats script that allows the tracking of the starts and completions of a video as well as the IP of the viewer. Using this log the Simple Stat application filters the log file and outputs the data in an easy to read format. The application is written in Ruby and uses simple expressions to do its work. It also utilizes SVG to generate a bar graph to make the results. The first public release will be comming soon! Everything is going to be released to the public including the source.


  • Output of Number of “Starts” “Stops” & Unuique IPs per video
  • Output of filtered log into a new log file sorted in order of the most hits
  • Output of filtered log top 10 into an SVG


  • Output results to an HTML file with a PNG formated picture
  • IP filtering to see an IP’s “video history”
  • Computer Unuique IDs to allow better stats for multiple users behind a NAT
  • Log Naming convention based on the date the file is created


Testers & Feedback

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