Awards: 2nd Runner Up DVC#10
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This short “horror” was made for the DVC Challenge #10. We ended up with 2nd Runner up (read: 3rd place)! Not bad for my first stab at horror! The story is about a lawyer who is working on a slasher case. He has been trying to put this guy away for the better part of two years and is closer than ever.

| Synopsis |

Neil has been working hard for the last 2 years after the death of his best friend Greg. Police had caught a man at the scene but a rookie officer had mishandled evidence which lead to the dismissal of the case. Now, two years later, Neil is closer than ever to linking William to a new string of murders in the Orlando area.

| Cast & Crew|

Jenny – Jenny Pettman
Boyfriend – Josh Chesarek
Slasher – Josh Chesarek
“Script” – Jenny & Josh
Editing – Filming – Lighting etc. – Josh Chesarek

| About |

Instant message was filmed over the course of a few days totaling about 2 hours of filming. It was done with only 2 crew members (also doubling actors). A Canon XH-A1 was used for filming along with Sennheiser audio equipment. Lighting was done on the cheap using household lighting. A glidecam 2000 was also thrown in for fun.

| Instant Message Photo Gallery |

Jenny sending IMsCanon XH-A1Canon XH-A1 with a HDTVJosh FilmingJosh setting up the Glidecam 2000Kitty gets ready for her sceneJenny waiting for the cameraman
Josh setting up the AudioThe scary man!!!