Canon ZR-1000

The Canon ZR-1000 is a control device that uses the LANC specification to control compatible cameras. It is made by canon and is one of the cheapest controllers available. One of the things that probably makes this controller cheaper than others is the fact that it has a plastic body.

Others that have a higher price are generally made out of metal which would probably deal with any abuse better than the plastic body of the ZR-1000. However, most people I know are not out to abuse their expensive equipment and most of the time a Controller like this is used it is in a fairly controlled environment. (pun not intended) The construction it self seems to be on par with other Canon accessories. There are no loose parts inside the box when given a light shake and all of the buttons require an intentional push which should help prevent unintentional activation.

The zoom rocker has a nice size and spring to it. You have 5 speeds to choose from. They range from a very nice slow crawl to a fast pace as well as a Variable option which depends on how far you press the rocker. The focus feature is controlled by 2 buttons. F and N, F pushes the focus further away and N brings it near. On my XHA1 the focus jumps by .1 meter per press and if you hold it down it gradually speeds up. This level of control should allow for some interesting rack focusing.


  • 300mm Cord length
  • 130mm body
  • Accepts 6mm~18mm diameter bars for the securing clasp

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ZR-1000 with the Canon XH-A1 and Bogen 501 HeadZR-1000 Remote Controller