I have been asked about clear coating my printable DVDs for a while now. I never tried it and simply said, Please, don’t get your DVDs wet. It is not a good idea. But even when printable DVDs were not wet they could smear from simply being handled. I finally tried some Taiyo Yuden Water Sheild DVDs and they work great. They can be had for about $0.70 a DVD which is not too bad. The video shows a DVD that is about an hour old being put under running cold water and does not smear even when patted and rubbed with a paper towl. Very little ink came of at all on the paper towl and it did not smear on the DVD. It is worth noting that when held at certain angles you can see “strips” of clear coat unlike the usual matte finish. When casually looking the disk is nice and shiny and professional looking.


  • Locks in the Ink, even when wet
  • Shiny finish
  • No dry smudges


  • Cost 2x of other DVD-R media (~70 cents US per DVD)
  • Only in CD-R and DVD-R Media
  • Certain viewing angles reveal the clear coat strips down the media surface