Sunshine State Conference

Simple Thought Productions will be providing the coverage of the Final games of the 2008 Sunshine State Conference Womens Soccer Tournament. You can catch all the weekend action live @

You can also purchase DVD Copies of each game here. Highlights will be posted on this website within 24 hours of game completion. If you have any questions please contact us.


No. 3 Tampa vs. No 2 Florida Southern

Buy the DVD – $20

No. 4 Saint Leo vs. No. 1 Rollins

Buy the DVD – $20


No. 4 Saint Leo vs. No. 2 Florida Southern

Buy the DVD – $20

What do I get with the DVDs?

Sample Image

  • Full quality video not compressed for the web
  • Menu System allowing you to view 1st Half, 2nd Half, and highlights in any order.
  • DVD surface is directly printed on for quality, NOT a stick on label
  • Clear case to hold & protect the DVD
  • Memories