Simple Flash Video 1.6 is here!


The Simple Flash Video Plugin builds on the plugins that all ready allow easy posting of .flv or .mp4 files on the popular WordPress platform. Simple Flash Video allows for all of the JW FLV options to be utilized via its config.xml file and post level overrides. With this plugin you can easily post .flv or .mp4 videos to your blog and have your viewers instantly watch the video without having to fully download the video before watching. It also combines the popular Shadowbox utility to allow for the videos to float over the website content for a clean look. This plugin was built from the ground up to take full advantage of the JW FLV Player and Shadowbox. On top of this it is the only plugin for WordPress that utilizes the Simple Stats App for JW that gives users a total look at the video viewership of their website. Code has been used from the Flash Video Player by Joshua Eldridge as per the licence agreements of the respective software. When you put the code in your plugin it will be replaced by a Link to the video that will open in a Shadow window. If a .jpg file is in the same directory with the same name as the flv it will also use that photo in the link. If no image is found it will simply place a Text link in your post. If you wish you can also disable the Thickbox feature in the post command.

What is new from 1.5?

  • Added Longtail adverts
  • Simple Stats now tracks Flash Version Numbers of the visitors
  • Added Default Image variable in settings for use when no image is found with the video
  • Updated to Simple Stats 1.2.1
  • Added ability to remove padding from shadowbox around the video
  • Youtube Videos now supported
  • Checks for version 9.0.115 and requires update for .MP4 files
  • Added Delete Logs Option for Simple Stats
  • Added Options Saved Notification
  • Fixed Centering Bug for videos in Shadowbox
  • RSS Feeds now get a proper .mp4 file or link to FLV
  • Fixed when EMBED code was always called when shadowbox is off
  • Fixed Text box width and height in SFV config page in WP 2.7
  • Fixed issue when shadowbox was disabled and custom sizes were ignored
  • Custom Titles now work. Requires HTML Whitespace between words to work properly. Example:title=Awesome Custom Title!


To Download the latest client and Read More Please head to the Project Page