We are pleased to announce a small bug fix release of Simple Stats to fix where Stat.title could be undefined and cause errors in parsing the logs.

What is Simple Stats?

Simple Stats is a simple to install and easy to use statistics package for JW’s FLV player. It originally started as a simple Ruby script and has since evolved into a high quality professional package that is much, much faster through the use of aggressive caching and smarter code.

Simple stats consists of Javascript, PHP, and Python components. The Javascript component gathers statistics while the PHP and Python components log and process the log, respectively.

You can view a live demo of Simple Stats that is using a log file with 100,000 entries at:


Please note that currently Simple Stats works ONLY for videos hosted on the same domain as the Simple Stats scripts (i.e. not embedded on other domains) because of browser restrictions (cross-site request restrinctions to prevent malicious attacks). It is possible to setup proxy logger scripts on other domains to which you embed but this is not included in Simple Stats at this time.


Extract the contents of the zip or compressed tar archive to your server and allow the web server write access to the extracted directory and its contents. Then navigate to the extracted directory in a web browser and follow the instructions.


A lot of hard work has gone into Simple Stats. It is free for non-commercial use, however if you find this software useful please do consider a donation!



For information about commercial licensing please see the licensing page.