Simple Thought Productions is proud to announce the release of the STPENC Encoder.

STPENC is a free, for non-commercial, open source application that allows you to utilize FFMPEG and x264 to encode video files to either h264 mp4 or mpeg2 files and upload them if needed. It is written in Python and is distributed using Py2EXE. It is our hope to make it easier for people to create great quality video for the web in a format that can easily be used with Simple Flash Video or any Flash player.

STPENC allows for easy encoding into:

  • H.264
  • MPEG2 for NTSC-DVD
  • XVID
  • Thumbnails for use with Simple Flash Video WordPress Plugin

It also allows for uploading of encoded files via FTP, FTP w/ SSL, and SFTP.

For more information please visit the STPENC Page!