Filming Services

Simple Thought Productions is proud to offer competitive filming services that take you from start to finish. We shoot with HDV cameras and can deliver the finished product in Blu-Ray for an HD picture from start to finish. Once we have your video footage edited we can also offer hosting services bringing everything you need in one shop.

Event Filming:

Letting Simple Thought Productions record your event will ensure you have a useable video. Using our services will make sure that you have a great looking video of your event. Filming services provide coverage for any event so you can keep a record on Blu-Ray, DVD, or Web Media. Using professional equipment and wireless microphones we make sure you have a quality product when everything is said and done. In addition to event filming, you can attach live services which enables your event to be viewed live on the world wide web.

Production Filming:

Our production services help create videos to tell a story, educate, or even help sell a product. We can help you turn your idea or concept into a final product with services such as drafting a story board or script development. A picture is worth a thousand words, make your impact with video. The demo to the left shows a short documentary that Simple Thought Productions developed, shot, and edited over the course of 5 days. For more information on this short please click here.