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  • 2010 Rollins College Wild Card
  • Nominated Best Drama at Rollins College

Campus MovieFest has come to Rollins once again and this time we continued our “serious” streak with a documentary about an organization named IDignity that tries to help homeless people get back on their feet by helping them obtain legal documents to prove their identity.


This documentary is told through the voices of Michael and Brad. Michael is the executive director of IDignity and Brad was once a recipient of the services offered by them but now serves on the board of directors for IDignity. Michael and Brad illustrate the obstacles for the homeless living without identification in today’s world. They also call to attention the people working to address these issues, hope for the future, and a call to action for more people to get involved and help the homeless fight this barrier.


  • Brad Sefter
  • Michael Dippy
  • Jennifer Chesarek – Off Camera Interviewer


  • Joshua Chesarek
  • Glenn Whelan

IDignity: John Doe no more Galley:

IDignity Set Photo 1 IDignity Set Photo 2 IDignity Set Photo 3
IDignity Set Photo 4

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